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Automobile Maintenance Sales Business

Your cars are maintained, with great cordiality, in our factory fully equipped with the latest system.
We are able to sell the small/large trucks and trailers, including their safety inspection. For the required cost, you can consult with us separately.
We are open even on Sundays and holidays. (However, the second Saturday and Sunday are holidays.) Sudden repair, maintenance and oil replacement can also be left to us. For automobile inspection, you can call the Free Dial for reservation.
Free Dial
Automobile Service Center, HAMADA Co., Ltd.


Price List (Basic) for Automobile Inspection

  1. If it is necessary to replace any part upon inspection or carry out additional work
    upon customer’s demand, the required technical fee and cost of parts will be
  2. Items to be prepared
    (1) Seal (2) Tax payment certificate (3) Car inspection certificate (4) Old liability insurance (5) * Legal costs (self liability insurance fee, weight tax, stamp fee)
    Weight tax is cheaper for electric vehicles and some hybrid vehicles and natural gas vehicles.
    In addition, weight tax is different for aged cars over 13 years since the first year registration. Please contact us for more information.
  3. Car inspection can be taken from one month in advance. (The expiration date is the same)
  4. Illegal remodeling vehicles and parking breach delinquents are not eligible for vehicle inspection. be careful.