HAMADA Co,.Ltd. aims for Total Engineering
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Plant Div.

We will meet every need
This department contracts for construction of various industrial facilities as well as chemical plant and iron/steel facilities.
Fabrication of structures, and installation and centering of the equipment, etc. are included.
Field construction such as piping work, etc., various inspections and maintenance are constructed.READ MORE

Development Div.

It accepts diversified constructions, with a focus on infrastructure maintenance.
Not only in Kansai Region, but also in Kanto and Tokai Region, this department contracts for the building construction work for authorities.
It accepts diversified projects, with a focus on infrastructure maintenance. (Propulsion and pipe rehabilitation projects are proudly offered as specialty construction.) READ MORE

Physical Distribution Div.

From transportation to automobile maintenance / sales department

This department contracts for land transportation with special vehicles such as large truck, trailer, etc. (Including carrying of heavy articles)
It offers rental of various heavy machines such as truck cranes, rafter cranes, large cranes, vehicles for work at height, etc.


Environment Business

Environment Business
Energy-Saving Project
E mizu Shower

This system is intended to automatically spray water, from which the scale component has been removed through the reverse osmosis deionizer (water purifying apparatus) , so as to improve the efficiency of the outdoor-unit heat exchanger. READ MORE

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Hamada continues to grow for more than 100 years

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