HAMADA Co,.Ltd. aims for Total Engineering

Development Div.

Civil Engineering Dept.
Not only in Kansai Regions, but also in Kanto and Tokai Regions, this department contracts for the building construction work for authorities.
It accepts diversified projects, with a focus on infrastructure maintenance. (Propulsion and pipe rehabilitation projects are proudly offered as specialty construction.)

■Propulsion work
  • Various small-bore pipe propulsion method
  • Various large-/intermediate-bore pipe propulsion method
  • Vertical pile construction method
  • Chemical feeding method
■Pipe rehabilitation work
  • EX Danby method
  • Insituform method


Shinko Yokotocho Line Building construction(Chiba City)


Takasago west port peripheral road maintenance work
(Takasago city)
Agricultural township pedestrian bridge (superstructure)
construction (Chiba Yachiyo city)
Construction work of Marushima sewage arterious, etc., Amagasaki City
(Japan Sewage Works Agency)
Takagi Shigo Main line rehabilitation construction
(Himeji City)

Building Dept.
This Building Dept. contracts for construction of the public facilities, social welfare facilities and collective housing.
It accepts new construction work, seismic retrofitting work and renewal work.


Yamasaki Primary school building renovation(Shisou city)


Misatoen New construction
Social welfare corporation Himejifukujukai)
Himeji Municipal Nakagawara residential high-rise rebuilding (building)
construction work (Himeji City)
Water Utility Dept.
Specialized from the infrastructure maintenance, this department contracts for the combined work of machinery/electrical equipment, etc. , as well as construction work. As a leading company in Hyogo Pref., it accepts the construction of waterworks and sewage facilities.


Osaka Kashiwara city
Tamate water purification pond resistant reinforcement of earthquakes construction work
(Osaka Kashiwara city)
Akamatsu Chiku Treatment plant Construction work(Akou Kamigoori Town
Prefectural water receiving facility maintenance construction(NO1.)(Itami City)
Nishiharima Water Supply Authority
Maintenance work of water purification at Sakoshi (Nishiharima Water Supply Authority )
Kato city
The second distribution reservoir construction work at Minamiyama (Kato city)

Electrical Instrumentation Dept.
As a contractor (with Class-A license) specified by Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc., this department constructs and maintains the high-voltage electric power system such as power station, substation, etc. and its surrounding incidental facilities.


Hamada Substation


Real Estate Dept.
This department develops to the construction surrounding fields full of hope, and totally manages the construction, sales and control, as well as planning and development.


Watowa Uchino-minami subdivision (Niigata City)
(Housing land - 80 compartments in all)