HAMADA Co,.Ltd. aims for Total Engineering

Corporate History

~In 1906
Corporate History~1906
Original point of HAMADA’s 100 years

About 100 years ago, in a small town “Aboshi” where the Ibo River flows, with many boats up and down, Mr. Toji Boda as a founder was working aggressively. Many persons and things went around the landing place spread over the riverside, where bustling scene was there like a center of water transportation.
Then, the original point of HAMADA Co., Ltd. that was named after his hometown “Hamada-mura (Village of Hamada)” was in the scene of a bustling port town.


In 1908
Corporate History~1908
HAMADA Brigade supporting modern industry

For the modern life advancing rapidly, their demand for stationery and daily commodities was increased, thereby the celluloid was requested for production increase (1908).
In Aboshi, Nippon Celluloid Artificial Silk Co., Ltd. was established as Japan’s first full-fledged celluloid factory.
“HAMADA Brigade” (organized by Mr. T. Boda) contributed to this big business by using a coast vessel “Celluden Maru”.
After that, they had one giant leap for setting up a long relationship.


In 1941 to 1951
Corporate History1941~1951
Turning point the war brought about

Entering the era of Showa, the world gradually goes to the war.
First of all, with Manchurian Incident in 1931, Japan also gradually strengthened its military force, thus rushing into the war domestically.
When the war was sure to start, Aboshi was also more or less affected.
HAMADA Brigade faced a big turning point in this war ; changing from water transportation to land transportation.


In 1952
Corporate History1952
Transportation of heavy objects finding a way out after the war

In 1952, when gradually restoring from the war, HAMADA Brigade newly started business, named as “HAMADA-GUMI Co., Ltd.”.
Mr. Takeo Boda, who took up the post of the second president during the war, developed an aggressive management, compared with the steady management by the first president.
HAMADA-GUMI accomplished a conversion into the transportation of heavy objects, while crisscrossing the sites everywhere in Japan.


In 1960

Corporate History1960
Full-fledged participation into plant construction work

In 1960s, when the economic growth was about to start in a related development, the heavy chemical industry made a leap forward remarkably.
While the huge industrial zone was constructed everywhere, occurring one after another, HAMADA-GUMI also obtained the license of construction work and advanced to the plant construction in earnest.
Effected by a management attitude of the second president who set out to do big-scale jobs, HAMADA started to participate in the big-scale construction nationally, from this time.


In 1970 to 1977
Corporate History1970~1977
Historic year to general construction industry

EXPO ’70 in Osaka represented one peak of the economic growth. At the same time as holding of such a big event after the war, HAMADA’s new office building was completed.
The year 1970 was stored as a historic year. An old wooden house on which the tin sign was fixed was a shade of anxiety for new employees, however, it fulfilled a role completely. Like this, HAMADA entered a career path to the general construction industry.


In 1991
Corporate History1991
Development to diversified businesses such as civil engineering, physical distribution and warehouse

Together with a range of one era as Showa, HAMADA-GUMI faced the reform term. With further reliability enhanced for transportation of heavy objects and construction work accumulated after the war, HAMADA advanced to the fields such as civil construction and warehouse business, thereby making an opportunity to expand new possibility.
In addition, the corporate name was changed to HAMADA Co., Ltd., getting a fresh start for the new century.


In 2005
Corporate History2005
Big construction mobilizing collective effort

As the number of employees increased, the construction work scale and the number of site staffs were scaled up in Plant Division.
Meanwhile, in 2005, HAMADA successfully received the biggest plant construction since establishment.
The extraordinary big construction in the amount of materials and the process was a compilation of HAMADA’s reliable plant business, promoting fulfilling quality and safety management, which was an unforgettable work for HAMADA Co., Ltd.


In 2006 (Up to now)
New trial looking ahead to the next generation

Passed one century since establishment, HAMADA has grown up by responding to miscellaneous clients’ demands.
Enormous accumulation at site leads to the technical development that will bear a part in the 21st-century construction business taking into account the environment. At the head of an original “Sand Purification System” drawing their attention as one of risk reduction measures to the environment, HAMADA sets out to be a company contributing to the next 100 years, with a force of creation seeing through the times.